Why Bricks Are the Best for Your Commercial Buildings

The headquarters of your business is the first thing potential clients will see, and it speaks to the quality of your company. Crafting an office or base of operations with a unique design is an excellent way to reinforce credibility and instill confidence in potential customers. Regardless of what design you choose, what makes a building will depend on your construction materials.

Choosing what building materials to use for your business is an important decision. Brick is a timeless material that will add character and appeal to your facility and has many advantages.

Brick has a multitude of benefits, including:   

Low Maintenance Costs

Many different bills and services will be involved in operating a commercial building. Brick buildings are inexpensive to maintain, requiring almost no paint or finishing work. They also have thermal mass properties that will save money on the energy bill and lower annual maintenance and repair costs.

Unlike wood buildings, no one will have to pay for termite control; you can spend more of your time and energy focusing on running the operations that bring revenue to the company.

Long-Lasting Quality

Did you know that the NIST gives brick masonry a lifespan of one hundred years? It will last longer than structural steel and vinyl.

If your business has valuable equipment, essential files, or confidential records, you need a building that can withstand fire and high temperatures for at least one hour.

If you have a brick building, you don’t have to worry about rotting or warping caused by fire and heat. Buildings with brick veneers rarely have to be torn down due to damage from the bricks. Instead, they are torn down because it’s cheaper to rebuild than to repair the damage.

Sustainable Certification

The materials and resources category of LEED is a big scorer, so savvy builders know to make the most of the Materials and Resources category.

Sustainable brick veneers with a low environmental impact help you reach the 11-point threshold quickly and enhance employee health by contributing to a healthy workplace.

Great Thermal Mass

As many business owners know, constructing a commercial property is expensive. As brick construction becomes a more popular choice, there are some significant energy efficiency advantages due to the high thermal mass of brick walls that can help you save on energy costs.

High thermal mass reduces the energy needed to heat the building in the winter and cool it down during the summer. This benefit helps save you money with initial building specifications and energy costs in your monthly bills. It will significantly support your building and your business over the long term.

Warmer Appeal and Style

Brick veneers are popular for their natural beauty, texture, and color. Its soothing appearance can make customers feel more at ease when they enter your commercial building for whatever purpose you might be serving them.

Whereas exteriors with brick veneers make a place look like it belongs in an older part of town, materials such as steel, vinyl, and stucco have a cold appearance. However, adding thin brick to the base of your building and columns as wainscoting can help to soften the appearance of these surfaces. 


Brick is a choice that is popular with homeowners and quickly becoming famous for commercial properties. If you consider building or renovating your business headquarters, you should consider brick veneers. Its classic look will enhance your building’s appearance and value.

Forza Construction Services makes it easy to find the ideal brick for your commercial project. We can also help you install brick veneers for your exterior masonry and build the best material for your commercial buildings. Contact us to learn more about Forza Construction Services today.