Exterior Insulated
Finish Systems


Advances in materials provide more options than ever for building projects. One choice on the market to consider is EIFS — Exterior Insulated Finish Systems. EIFS is a non-load bearing cladding system used primarily for commercial building projects.

These multi-layered products are often chosen for providing both functional and aesthetic qualities in a single system. EIFS may also be referred to as variations of other products including Stucco, but they are different due to the multi-layer process used for installation.

Aesthetically, the versatility of EIFS allows them to be installed to replicate other commonly used materials on the market or create a more unique appearance. Many EIFS is so accurately installed to look like masonry products it is hard to tell the difference.

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EIFS is a desirable option for building exteriors for several reasons:

Although EIFS was introduced in the 1960’s the product on the market today is an evolved offering designed to perform better than earlier versions. If you are considering EIFS for your next project take the time to learn about enhancements to this option including changes in the waterproofing process and products.

EIFS may be marketed under several well-known brand names from leading manufacturers. Although each manufacturer has details unique to its offering, the underlying principle of EIFS is the same. The basic construction of the system creates the insulating properties that make it desirable for so many projects. Most are comprised with polystyrene insulation board that is secured to an exterior wall using an adhesive or mechanically fastened. The board is reinforced with acrylic plaster and fiberglass mesh on top. The next layer is a polymer and acrylic coat which is what makes the EIFS crack-resistant and durable to fading or color loss.

Standard available systems provide 40+ years of lifespan and excellent durability maximizing on the investment of the project. Forza Construction Services is certified to furnish and install all major EIFS manufacturers and systems — Parex, Sto, Dryvit and Synergy.