Manufactured Stone
and Brick Veneers

Masonry Veneers

Manufactured Stone and Brick Veneers provide the ability to enhance the look of a variety of projects. Designed in several shapes, colors and sizes, these products can often provide a suitable alternative where natural stone and modular brick would be cost-prohibitive or too difficult to install.

The veneers can be an accent for an existing architectural element, cover a large area or create a new focal point. Stone and brick veneers can be installed alone or as part of an overall aesthetic plan which uses other exterior finishes.

Veneers can also be incorporated into elements on the grounds to become a part of the landscape and overall exterior look including sign pillars, walls or benches. Designers may also choose to integrate the veneer look as an element of the interior design on the project. The lightweight qualities of these products make them suitable for many aspects of the project beyond just the exterior building walls.

While each of these materials can be categorized as masonry finishes, there are factors that set them apart as well. Take the time to compare each option both aesthetically and for performance.

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Compared to natural stone, manufactured stone veneers are:

Through the manufacturing process of the veneers, you gain the appearance of natural stone with the benefit of simplified installation and more customization. To create the look you want you can choose a specific color or create a custom color blend, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetics for the plan. Stone veneer installations can also be further customized when they’re finished with various accessories like shutters, utility vents, and windows.

There are both thin stone veneers and full-size stone veneers. Although these are often categorized together, there are some important differences to factor into selecting the right product for each project. To learn more about manufactured stone veneers for your project, contact Forza Construction Services.