Unique Stucco Finish Types for Your Commercial Building


Traditional or artificial stucco treatments can provide a splash of color and intrigue to a building’s outside, resulting in a distinctive facade. When placed properly, stucco offers long-term durability, fire resistance, and little maintenance. 

Additionally, a building’s general exterior appeal can be improved by using timeless and adaptable stucco finishes in a variety of distinctive finish types.

Describing Stucco

Portland cement, sand, water, fiber, colors, hydraulic cement, and lime are the main ingredients in natural stucco. In order to increase flexibility and robustness, modern stuccos also contain polymers and other chemicals. 

Stucco finishes offer a long-lasting, pest- and fire-resistant finish. In addition, when applied, maintained, and restored correctly, stucco can raise a building’s market value.

To offer each building a distinctive façade, architects can choose from a variety of stucco finish application techniques, such as Sand, Cat, Dash, Santa Barbara, Worm, Lace, Skip, English, and Smooth.

Below are different choices for attractive stucco finishing.

Sand Stucco Finish

To produce a fine, medium, or coarse, grainy texture appearance that can conceal flaws, lovely sand stucco finish coatings are utilized. Additionally, sand stucco cracked or damaged can be fixed quickly and simply.

Sand stucco is frequently applied to structures using a float tool to give them a vintage appearance. Next, they apply the paint with an airless sprayer or roller while ensuring that the stucco will have airflow after the paint has dried.

Cat Stucco Finish

With big smooth regions and smaller rough patches uniformly distributed throughout, cat stucco finish applications produce a distinctive, airy, simple-elegant appearance. To match the design of your structure, you can personalize the cat stucco finish and add color streaks or blotches to it.

Cat stucco is a time-consuming material that requires two coatings of finish, with finishing touches applied by hand. Normally, it calls for fine or ultra-fine stucco, but medium stucco may also be appropriate.

It’s vital to understand that cat stucco frequently splits or cracks and is difficult for builders to repair.

Dash Stucco Finish

Applications of dash stucco produce a gravely, gritty, bumpy appearance in a variety of textures, from light to deep. You can add shells, fine gravel, or pebbles to the mixture to create a distinctive texture.

Builders often use a pressure gun or hopper gun to spray dash stucco on a building’s exterior. They apply a light, medium, or heavy volume, resulting in a rough and uneven surface that is simple to patch if it cracks or breaks.

Santa Barbara Stucco Finish

Fine sand particles are used in the elegant Santa Barbara stucco treatments to create a speckled, natural design with an uneven, semi-smooth finish that recalls an adobe-style appearance. 

Using a pool float trowel, contractors apply Santa Barbara stucco in two coats: a base coat and a thick topcoat.

Worm Stucco Finish

Large aggregate pieces used in the worm stucco finish application provide minute grooves in the spread’s texture. To create a distinctive façade for each building, contractors apply a labor-intensive worm finish with a trowel in a fine, medium, or heavy finish.

Lace and Skip Stucco Finish

The application of the lace stucco finish results in a semi-smooth finish with grooves beneath the surface that conceals defects and imperfections that you can easily fix. It resembles a hazy lace when covered in thin layers. 

By comparison, thick layers resemble lace that has been put to the stone. Lace and skip stucco finishes can be applied by hand or by spray by builders.

English Stucco Finish

Modern English stucco techniques produce a thickly brushed-on finish with an aged impression of layered brush strokes with upward curls. English stucco is resilient and forgiving, and it may be swiftly repaired and patched.

Smooth Stucco Finishes

A velvety, sleek, ultrafine texture is produced by smooth stucco, which is ideal for creating an industrial impression. It needs an extremely smooth substrate, which might be difficult to get.


A stucco finish is an excellent choice for commercial buildings, as they are long lasting and provide a unique look to the exterior of the building. With the right choice of finish, your commercial building will stand out and will be a source of pride for years to come.

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