Why EIFS Are an Excellent Option for Complex Construction

Exterior finishing and cladding systems, such as brick and stucco,  can have a huge impact on your building’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. There are various options to consider when designing a commercial building and the right choice of cladding ultimately depends on the type of building and the requirements of the clients, too.

However, EIFS, or exterior insulation and finish systems, can be built over a range of exteriors and in almost any style. Construction using EIFS tends to be complex but offers a high level of energy efficiency as well as flexible aesthetic options.

If you’re planning the design or construct a new commercial building, there are various reasons why EIFS might be an excellent option for your commercial project. Here, trusted commercial construction experts share some of them: 

What Are EIFS?

EIFS are exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS). They are designed to provide weather-resistant sheathing and a thin exterior finish. 

Distinct from stucco or brick, EIFS are usually installed over a metal or wood stud system and help to protect the structural elements of a building from the harsh effects of weather and other damaging factors.

What Are Its Benefits?

As well as the aesthetic benefits, EIFS also has a range of other useful benefits, too:


EIFS provides superior protection to brick and masonry while also reducing the need for other materials. As such, it helps to reduce both the overall weight of the building and build time. 

Ease of Maintenance

EIFS is a durable cladding system that requires little maintenance, helping to reduce maintenance costs and ongoing expenses. EIFS can be easily repaired and patches can be added using mesh or a matching material, making it ideal for commercial buildings.


EIFS can help to provide some insulation from the building structure and, depending on the system used, it can improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills over time. Metal or wood studs can be used for the structure and insulation can be inserted into the system, making EIFS a good option for commercial buildings.

Design Flexibility

Because it is a system, EIFS allow greater design flexibility than standard building cladding systems. The materials and colors used can be easily changed and the finishes can be altered to match the requirements of the commercial project. A range of EIFS types can be used to provide a clear or shaded finish or to match a particular style of building.

Unlike some of the other cladding options, EIFS can be used to create a range of different effects. They can also be used to create a variety of different looks and can be used over a range of building structures.

Code Compliance

EIFS are often used on commercial buildings where code compliance is essential. Commercial buildings may require EIFS if they are located in an area prone to seismic activity or extreme weather, although it is also one of the most popular cladding options for retail and commercial projects.


EIFS or exterior insulated finish systems can be used to create a range of different finishes, so it is suitable for a wide range of commercial projects. The systems can be used to create a variety of different effects and the materials and colors used on an EIFS system can be easily customized to fit the requirements of the commercial project.

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